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Sicer: leader in the production of materials for ceramic surfaces

Sicer confirms its leadership in the production of materials for ceramic surfaces by renewing its grits and digital glues, thanks to the introduction of innovative eco-green and sustainable formulas, paying particular attention to the environment.

By applying the new EVO DRY-LUX grits or the renewed GHR technical grits on the water-based digital glue SCD3001H authentic and irregular surfaces of stone or marble can be masterfully reproduced. By combining the new 3D tech for lapping, it is also possible to obtain a softer and more tenuous finish, typical of surfaces worn by time or foot traffic.

The result of this innovative combination is in fact a very high quality product, characterized by surfaces on various levels, natural and material with an exceptional sensorial value.

Evo Dry LUX

Sicer Technology Lab is proud to present the latest news of the manufacturer and supplier of raw materials for ceramic companies of Ubersetto: the new EVO DRY-LUX grits.
Directly from the GRA DRY-LUX series, Sicer introduces the new transparent grits for dry applications for mirror lapping.

Thanks to this exclusive range of grits it is possible to obtain ultra-bright, transparent, luminous ceramic surfaces, that are resistant to chemical agents and abrasive scratches.
In fact, marble-effect porcelain stoneware is resistant, long-lasting, does not change over time and is easily cleanable and washable.

A glossy floor enhances the rooms, visually increasing the space, and strikes for brilliance, creating exclusive and design.
Discover now the exclusive Sicer series of compact transparent grits of the EVO DRY-LUX series for your projects.

Water Based Glue SCD3001H

SCD3001H is the new water-based digital glue, completely odorless and low-emission, developed by Sicer's Digital R&D Lab.

It is a glue with much longer drying times than normal solvent-based glues, allowing the adhesion of very large quantities of grit even when the timing between the application of glue and the deposition of the grit are lengthened.

It is an innovative product, designed with the aim of minimizing harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

In fact, it allows to limit the organic load applied to the ceramic tile and burned in the kiln, minimizing the emissions of TOC, aldehydes and odorous substances from ceramic fireplaces.


Sicer never stops: discover the new range of GHR technical grits.

The technical floor grits and microgrits of the NEW GHR series allow the reproduction of high-quality material effects with high resistance to chemical agents and abrasion, while still ensuring optimal color development of the digital graphics.

Thanks to these characteristics, it is possible to create ceramic slabs that perfectly imitate natural stones: surfaces pleasant to the touch and anti-reflective, mirrored marbles even in darker tones.

Sicer's wide range of technical grits is available in different grain sizes. The different types are miscible according to the specific needs of the customer.

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